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6 Indian Sweets Recipe With Saffron to Absolutely Prepare for Diwali


A very Happy, prosperous, and safe Diwali to all of the readers! Diwali will be celebrated this year on October 24, 2022. The Hindu community in India places a lot of importance on this holiday.

On this day, Goddess Lakshmi, the mother of love, health, prosperity, and wealth, is adored with great devotion. Depending on the area and customs, Diwali is observed in India for three to five days.

Most people spend this time of the year with their families, extended families, relatives, and friends. 

Without mouthwatering dishes, celebrations would be lacking, especially when spending time with our loved ones.

If you are new to planning Diwali sweets, you have nothing to worry about! 

Here are 6 delicious recipes to make your Diwali outstanding!


Rose Pistachio Saffron Nankhatai

Rose Pistachio Saffron Nankhatai

These Nankhatais, flavored with rose, pistachio, and saffron-cardamom, are a straightforward yet exquisite dessert for the forthcoming holiday season! 

Your family will undoubtedly adore these lovely cookies for Diwali due to their three distinct flavors that add something special to conventional sweets.

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eggless saffron cookies

Eggless Saffron Cookies

One of the simplest and lightest butter biscuits with saffron and cardamom you can make at home!

Adorned with almonds and flavored with vanilla extract are really festive and are ideal for baking for holidays and celebrations like Diwali!

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saffron cake

Saffron & Kwara Cake

Tea cakes are absolute the best to bake. A well-read PG Wodehouse book and a slice of tea cake are such a simple pleasure to enjoy every day. 

But passing on the decorative frosting and the awful fondant with garish artificial coloring, please. 

Instead, enchant with the golden of saffron or the pink of beets!

What better way to add saffron to a meal to make it festive? 

We'd like to present the saffron cake. In addition to giving the cake a golden glow, it also gives it an obviously festive Indian flavor.

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 Kesari Bhapa Doi

Bengali sweets like bhapa doi are creative creations that require little work to prepare. It comes out creamy and rich, leaving you wanting to lick the spoon and savor it slowly. 

Saffron is added to the dish to give it a distinctive flavor and festive color. 

Make sure to use whole milk in this recipe; skimmed milk has no place remaining in it.

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Kesar Burfi With Milk Powder

It's the festive season, so let's make some burfi!

Khoya or milk powder can be used to quickly make burfis that taste just like those that are cooked from scratch. This milk powder burfi recipe is a nice one to try if you don't have access to khoya and reside outside India. You can use any dairy whitener but verify that it is not the sweetened kind.

Just to make things exciting, you can tinge one layer pink using some beetroot juice. If you don't like pink, you may skip it. However, it will only add a few minutes of labor. 

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Diwali Okkarai

Okkarai or Ukkarai is a traditional Tambrahm recipe. The ideal healthy food to include in your Diwali preparations is this jaggery-based, low-fat sweet prepared with chana dal/Bengal Gram dal, which doesn't require much ghee, and is created using jaggery.

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Let's un know on our social media your favorite one! Dorreen™ Saffron wishes you the most outstanding Diwali!