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Saffron Green Tea Box
Saffron Green Tea Box

Saffron Green Tea Box

Dhs. 25.00

Preparing tea is a relaxing and meditative activity that can help you relax after a stressful day or fill you up with energy and vitality for your daily activities. The Saffron Green Tea Box combines the unique taste of saffron with the energy and health benefits of green tea for a truly unique experience. Enjoy the delicious taste of saffron green tea today.

Keep calm and sip tea with saffron green tea, this well-balanced tea blends the bold flavors of green tea with the sweet and subtle taste of saffron. A luxurious blend of subtle bold, crisp, and delicious, while also lending a sweet, uplifting note to each sip, this tea is an excellent pick for those seeking an uplifting, calming tea.


● Contains the goodness of green tea, and the unique and delicious taste of saffron.
● The rich flavor of saffron and the delicacy of green tea take on the characteristics of the tea.
● The unique silk pyramid design of pouches allows better unfurling of leaves for a better taste and experience.


● 14 Bags
● Pure 100% Saffron
● With GreenTea In Silk Pyramid Tea Pouches


Every saffron flower is carefully hand-picked by expert farmers.

Intense & Fresh Aroma

The high compounds levels present in the threads grants an high coloring power, rich taste and intense aroma.

100% Natural

Our products are free from any preservatives, additives, artificial colours or fragrances.

 Lab-tested & Certified

Our saffron has been lab-tested and widely respects all the sector's Health & Safety standards.

Saffron Quality & Traceability

To ensure our products keeps the maximum quality standard over time we do chemical and microbiological tests in a certified and specialized laboratory from a sample of the latest crop batch.

On every original Dorreen™ Saffron Almas or Organic Collections, you’ll find a batch number on the side of the packaging that permits us to trace back to the original batch.

If you’ll ever need to make sure you have a quality product or need to see the specifics parameters of your product send us an email at with your batch number and we’ll send you the respective lab test sheet.


All our products come out with a branded tamper-proof seal applied at the moment of packing in the production facilities a few minutes away from the saffron farms that will avoid any tentative of counterfeit.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’ll ever be not satisfied with the quality of the product provided, send us an email at specifying why the product didn’t deliver what expected and we’ll give you all your money back.

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